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Access to Robust Nationwide Pharmacy Network SOC2 Certified Telehealth/EMR Platform Customized Medical Ecommerce and Prescription Storefront ccess to CareValidate's Nationwide GLP-1 Clinicians Full Support and Marketing Assistance

What is GLP-1

GLP-1 is the abbreviation for glucagon-like peptide 1, a hormone the human body naturally makes. It has receptors all over the body, but especially in the gut and the brain. After a meal,  GLP-1 tells the pancreas to release insulin and hold back on releasing glucagon—helping the body better process any sugars consumed. In the meantime, other GLP-1 receptors in the gut slow down how quickly the stomach empties, making one feel full faster. And GLP-1 also binds to receptors in the parts of the brain in charge of feeling full and satisfied. The result is the consumption of fewer calories, ultimately leading to sustained weight loss.

Countless Weight Loss Journeys. One Starting Hub.

Empower your enterprise to launch, run, and expand a personalized GLP-1 program with ease. Our all-inclusive solution covers every aspect from patient intake and telehealth visits to medication shipment and comprehensive support.

With CareGLP, you’ll not only enhance patient outcomes but also unlock substantial revenue growth. Transform your care delivery and experience seamless, scalable success with CareGLP.

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Unlock instant access to our exclusive formulary, featuring hundreds of premium health and wellness products. Expand your treatment offerings with these high-quality options and drive your practice forward with improved patient outcomes and increased revenue.

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Our ability to consistently meet and exceed expectations has led to collaborations with industry leaders who trust our capability and commitment to delivering exceptional service and innovative solutions.

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Whether you’re managing a small practice or a large healthcare organization, our GLP-1 Revenue Calculator Widget offers a clear, straightforward way to project your financial growth.

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How CareGLP Works

4 Steps to Increased Revenue

Schedule a Discovery Call

Connect with our product experts to explore if CareGLP fits your needs. This initial consultation will help us understand your goals and demonstrate how our solutions can enhance your practice.

Personalized Coaching

Guidance from a dedicated implementation coach – With tailored support every step of the way, you get everything you need for a smooth integration and launch.

Setup Your Branded Portal

Establish your custom patient intake and management portal, tailored to your brand.


Start utilizing CareGLP for comprehensive patient care. Patient intake, side effect tracking, and clinician network consultations–the entire workflow to deliver GLP-1’s directly to your populations is here.

What is CareGLP


Utilize a network of Board-certified telehealth providers trained on GLP-1’s in all states


Save on GLP-1’s from credentialed pharmacies in our network to maximize your profits


From consumer facing websites and patient portal to payments and marketing CareGLP has you covered

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Financial Growth for Your Practice

Through innovative healthcare solutions that will streamline your operations, you can offer GLP-1 drugs via our telehealth platform to attract a broader patient base. Use CareGLP to drive your practice’s revenue growth

Financial Growth for Your Practice

Through innovative healthcare solutions that will streamline your operations, you can offer GLP-1 drugs via our telehealth platform to attract a broader patient base. Use CareGLP to drive your practice’s revenue growth

Marketing Support for Your Practice

Interested in GLP-1 specific digital marketing? Our targeted approach can skyrocket your patient base. Amplify your practice’s visibility and attract patients actively seeking GLP-1 treatments to drive exponential growth. Take your patient acquisition to the next level today!

Benefit from a wealth of tools and expertise

Synchronous and Asynchronous Consults

Run a safe compliant GLP1 business

Online Intake + Consent

Easy for clients and compliance

Provider Matching

Patients only see credentialled telehealth providers

Preferred Pharma Pricing

Save up to 55% on products + supplies

EMR with CRM

Safely store health information and communicate

HSA and Financing Options

Give your clients flexibility and freedom

Compliance Guide + Templates

Demystify telehealth and pharmacy regulations

Website + GLP1 Ad Campaigns

Build a brand and acquire patients

From growth strategies and financial guidance to patient management software and compliance expertise, we help organizations like yours profit from the GLP-1 revolution. Learn why CareGLP is the #1 choice of businesses and individuals making GLP-1’s available to their clients.