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Everything You Need to Create a Robust and Competitive GLP-1 Product Offering for Your Patients

Unlock the future of wellness with CareGLP! From initial setup to ongoing management, we offer step-by-step guidance and resources to help your customers experience the benefits of GLP-1s.

Everything You Need to Create a Robust and Competitive GLP-1 Product Offering for Your Patients

Elevate your clinical practice with CareGLP and bring unparalleled GLP-1 patient care to the forefront! Our GLP-1 program offers a breakthrough in weight management and metabolic health, helping your patients achieve transformative results.

Stand out in the crowded nutrition market, drive customer loyalty, and watch your brand thrive as clients experience the powerful synergy of nutrition and GLP-1s. Elevate your business with CareGLP, where cutting-edge science meets everyday wellness!

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Transform Your Clinical Practice

Curious about how CareGLP can transform your MedSpa? Discover how CareGLP is transforming medspas across the country.

Custom Ordering Portal

Tap into our nationwide pharmacy network and submit prescriptions for all of your existing clients. Our network offers the best prices for GLP-1 medications, including compounded and branded options!

Custom Ecommerce Storefront

Allow our team to build you a custom “storefront” website where new patients can access GLP-1 prescriptions. We handle every step of the process, including telehealth, customer support, shipping, and more, so the revenue is 100% passive! This model also allows you to tap into our nationwide clinician network, immediately expanding your GLP-1 reach across the country.

See Your Potential Earnings

Interested in how GLP-1 treatments could boost your revenue? This intuitive tool offers an easy-to-understand projection of your financial growth.

Revenue Calculator

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Estimated Revenue:

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Note: Actual revenue can vary and is dependent on items such as medication costs, dosages, telehealth visit and others

Let Our Clients speak for themselves

Join the ranks of successful clinical practices that have transformed their offerings with CareGLP. Here are some of our esteemed partners:

Marketing Support for Your Clinical Practice

Looking to boost your MedSpa’s growth? Our targeted GLP-1 digital marketing strategy can dramatically increase your patient base. Enhance your visibility and attract clients who are specifically seeking GLP-1 treatments.

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